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Mining Alert!


We urge you to send a message to the Democratic House leadership to urge defeat of proposed mining regulations presented as LD750.   Their action or in-action will make the difference in whether these rules pass or are rejected.  Now is the time

The legislation would create lax mining regulations that could pollute Maine’s waters for generations to come.  It could make Maine taxpayers liable for cleaning up the mess that mining companies cause. 

Address your email message to:

House leader Jeff McCabe 


                                                AND TO

House Speaker Mark Eves


If it’s easy, cc your own state representative, as well.

In addition a short message phone call to the  Democratic House office at    (207) 287-1430  and/or the Maine House Speaker's office at (207) 287-1300  would be fantastic.

Your message needn’t be lengthy, or profess any expertise.   Most important: that it be SENT.

For simplicity’s sake we’ve offered a couple of sample messages you might send.   If you can easily adapt the message into your own words, that would enhance the effectiveness of this mass alert.   If not, that’s just fine.

If you’d like to reference any additional concerns off the “a la carte” menu below that,  it could add some spice to your message.

 Below all of this are some quick links for addit’l info if you’d like


Sample messages:

” I urge that you provide leadership to reject the mining rules in LD750.I’m very concerned they put Maine’s waters at risk.   I’m also worried that they won’t protect Maine taxpayers from paying for the pollution that mining will cause.”

” LD750’s mining regulations jeopardize Maine’s environment, one of our most  precious environmental and economic resource. { I’m especially concerned that (see a la carte menu below) }  Please do everything you can to reject them.”

A la carte selections you can add, to taste   These regulations permit:

• mine waste storage systems that have caused mining disasters elsewhere

• weak financial assurance from companies, so that the public, not the violators, will bear liability for disasters as well as long term pollution

• groundwater pollution beneath mining sites that inevitably will spread outside the mining area 

• mining companies to shield their “parent companies” from any financial liability.

• licenses to mining companies with documented violations of environmental standards elsewhere


Don't Let Mining in Maine Repeat the Disaster it

created in El Salvador                      


Please take a peek at these 2 pictures, check out the brief message below, and then click here to send us your NAME, CITY OR TOWN & CONTACT INFO,  if you're willing. 


C:\Users\ellengray.FACT\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\image001 (5).jpg


San Sebastion river, El Salvador, today,  site of gold mine that  closed 25 years ago


C:\Users\ellengray.FACT\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\J3817LYZ\image002.jpg                                


Within  two months , the Maine legislature will likely vote on new mining regulations that  could irreversibly pollute Maine’s waters.  This legislation was instigated by J.D. Irving Co’s desire to excavate a high risk mining site in Aroostook County.  But the regulations will apply everywhere in Maine, as well.


Not only could loosely regulated mining destroy one of Maine’s most environmentally and economically precious resources.   It could also leave Maine’s taxpayers liable for hundreds of millions of dollars of clean-up costs.


A flood of messages to state legislators to defeat these rules can be critical.    

You can help!


If you click here  and put your name, city or town and contact information, we will contact you when the vote is imminent.   We’ll send you a clear short sample message that you can send  and a link for more information if you want it.


Many thanks,


Seth Davis, Katherine Kates, Sidney Mitchell, Dennis Chinoy


recent PICA delegates observing "community consultation" on mining in Carasque,El Salvador



The 25th Annual PICA Plant Sale is coming...

Congratulations to you, us and PICA for running this sale for 25 years, for gardening, and for all that organizing for peace and power in community alliances !! Our first sale was on a sidewalk. In 2002 we topped out at 1586 plants. Over the years many PICA supporters have beautified their gardens through this annual plant sale to benefit Power in Community Alliances. The PICA sale features many of our lovely friends, the native perennials. Our catalog includes about 40 native-to-Eastern North America plants, 20 of which are native to Maine. So, as the days get longer and the weather starts warming up it's time to think about this year's garden.  Whether you are adding to your exsisting garden or are new to the gardening scene we can help.  Click here to check out this year's catalog and here for an order form.  You will be glad you did.  You can call or email us with any questions you might have.   207-947-4203 or info@pica.ws.  Thanks for taking a peek!  



Hello PICA friends!  


PICA has changed the company that handles our online donations recently.  We are now working with JustGive.  There is no monthly fee for us and more of your donations stay right here with PICA.  Your tax-deductible donations can be made through JustGive by clicking on our Donate Now button.


Home of the Dignity For All campaign


Bangor's Sister City Initiative


Click here for more information about the Dignity For All campaign.



PICA's Dignity for All Committee continues to work on tools for community economic education.   Already in the "tool kit" are five modular powerpoint  presentations which, taken together tell the story:  Since 1980,  global tradewinds and domestic elites have driven our economy into a ditch. This transformation has damaged the vast majority but has greatly profited the very few.  Over the same time period, we have been subjected to an anti-government and scape-goating ideology that has been a political product as skillfully, and relentlessly promoted as any other product ever marketed.

The whole sad but intriguing story can be downloaded as an entire "chapter-course" entitled "How's the Trickle Down Economy Working for Us?".     Or, you can enjoy it as more bite-size segments serially entitled: 1. The Great Wealth Transfer; 2. Where Did the Money Go?; 3. Vilifying Government; 4. The Debt, the Deficit and Economic Scapegoats;  and  5. Supply Side Economics and the Myth of Job Creator.  

You can download any of all of these by links to MediaFire,  available below,  or from PICA's webpage  www.pica.ws.   They're packaged as powerpoint presentations to view,  or to share.  We're also looking for small or large groups to share these with,  so if you have any ideas....

Here are the links:   If anything gets lost in the translation, formatting-wise,  please contact us,  and we'll try to get you the presentation(s) without glitches.  

How's the Trickle Down Economy Working for Us?

1. The Great Wealth Transfer

2. Where Did the Money Go?

3. Vilifying Government

4. The Debt, the Deficit, and Economic Scapegoats

5.Supply Side Economics and the Myth of Job Creator



PICA Auction thanks!

A great big Thank You goes out to the many donors, solicitors, committee members and volunteers who helped make this year's auction another success!!  A special thank you to Mark Kelley our auctioneer who knows just the right thing to say to make you realize you really need that item, Brian Dyer Stewart who entertained us with his beautiful music and Dave and Deb Morrill who again this year made sure we had burritos and tamales to keep us going. 

Doesn't that all sound like fun? For those of you who were there, you know it was, for those of you who were not, we look forward to you joining us next year!!



PICA is a grassroots organization in Bangor, Maine. For nearly 25 years we have been building grassroots community alliances that address global problems of economic justice, human and worker rights. Our work is grounded in careful listening, telling and sharing stories. Our goal is to transform both individuals and institutions.

We have helped make Maine a leader among all states in addressing the effects of the global economy on our own lives.