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Members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives include additional contact information on their websites. Contact:
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Dignity for All

Immigration Class resources

On April 26, 2017 the Dignity For All committee presented a 3-hour class, “Who Is The Other,” addressing immigration from the perspective of issues of Central American. Here are the handouts and presentations used in the class:

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 Fair Trade

kNOw US AND THEM Project Tools

kNOw US AND THEM was a former PICA program built on a Listening Project – in-depth, non-judgmental interviews of recent economic immigrants, small farmers, and displaced manufacturing workers in Maine, and current and former residents of our sister city of Carasque, El Salvador. We used the information generated by the Listening Project to create workshops on immigration, trade, and the relations between us, for community, religious, labor, and school (high school and college) audiences. A few of the resources developed by kNOw US AND THEM are listed here.


  • Immigration Realities” – Current and former Carasque residents talk about what immigration and free trade mean to them and their community – part of the the kNOw US AND THEM Listening Project (29:16)
  • kNOw US AND THEM” – Excerpts from interviews with immigrants, farmers and workers in Maine and El Salvador from the kNOw US AND THEM project (7:44)

Global Literacy Curriculum:

  • The Global Literacy curriculum is a series of interactive workshops on immigration and trade that PICA has developed for high school students (and others). They are designed to be delivered within standard 40-minute or 1-hour and 15-minutes blocks. They are also very effective with college classes and with members of adult community and faith organizations. Download the Global Literacy Curriculum (PDF format).