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Welcome to YA!

During the 1980's and 90's, in the midst of the civil war in El Salvador, the government suspected almost everyone of organizing against them. Teaching was viewed as this sort of organizing, and teachers had to travel undercover with their supplies or they would likely be shot. One such teacher, Laura Lopez, was traveling through a village with her daughter when the army opened fire. As they were running, Lopez was shot in the back. Lying on the ground she held her bag of supplies up to her daughter and said "Adelante" — go forward.

ColoringYouth Adelantando (Youth Going Forward) has been going forward in the spirit of Laura Lopez. Youth everywhere have work to do in our world. We as youth need to continue going forward by:

reddotStanding up for human rights all over the world
reddotSpeaking out against injustices wherever we find them
reddotStanding up for our rights and the rights of youth everywhere

Who We Are

Youth Adelantando is an autonomous group of local youth and high school students from the greater Bangor area. We take part in a number of activities and campaigns around the state and have even sent youth to Bangor's sister city in El Salvador and a United Nations conference in New York.  

Interested? — Contact ya@pica.ws.