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PICA Store  

Come to PICA's Holiday Sale

Saturday, December 5
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
PICA/Peace and Justice Center
170 Park St., Bangor

You can uphold the principles of fair trade and support our brothers and sisters in Caraasque, El Salvador – buy beautifully sewn, embroidered and crocheted items from the Carasque Co-op. Read more about the Co-op here...

Popular items sold by the PICA store include childrens' T-shirts, 6- and 12-month onesies, pot holders, tote bags, bread wraps, napkins, and more. Items and styles change frequently, so check back often. Here's a more complete list of what we sell.

PICA sells items from Carasque at Maine fairs and other events. Several local merchants in Bangor, Bar Harbor and Blue Hill sell our products. And we have a small, self-service tienda at our office in Bangor. Here's where and when you can buy items from Carasque.