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kNOw US AND THEM Tools and Links

kNOw US AND THEM Videos:

  • Immigration Realities"Immigration Realities" - Current and former Carasque residents talk about what immigration and free trade mean to them and their community - part of the the kNOw US AND THEM Listening Project (29:16)

  • kNOw US AND THEM"kNOw US AND THEM" - Excerpts from interviews with immigrants, farmers and workers in Maine and El Salvador from the kNOw US AND THEM project (7:44)


corn and shoesGlobal Literacy Curriculum

The Global Literacy curriculum is a series of interactive workshops on immigration and trade that PICA has developed for high school students (and others). They are designed to be delivered within standard 40-minute or 1-hour and 15-minutes blocks. They are also very effective when used in college classes, and with members of adult community and faith organizations. Download the curriculum here (PDF format).

Web Resources on Immigration, Trade, and Listening Projects

Local Resources (see our Partners page for more)

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