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Welcome to the Dignity For All campaign!


Dignity For All is a campaign designed to involve all community members in a process of personal and organizational reflection leading to a commitment to treating oneself and others with dignity.  We are working throughout our region to promote the following guiding principle, outlining the rights and freedoms we believe all people should have.


We believe that all people in our community should have civil rights, equal rights on the job, equal treatment by police and the courts, access to essential medical, educational and social services, and the right to be treated with dignity. 


With so many Maine workers finding themselves out of work or in low paying jobs, and with laborers from Central and South America seeking employment in the U.S., but finding little in the way of individual rights or worker protection, more and more people are forced to live lives devoid of independence and dignity.  It is PICA’s conviction that in the face of global economic forces, new alliances and organizations can be built from common experiences of loss and displacement, to improve the lives of individuals, and in turn, strengthen our communities. As the global economy has worsened, we have begun to see race-baiting and scapegoating of immigrants and non-immigrants alike. Those who see themselves as middle-class are being pitted against the displaced and the poor and workers, and the unemployed are pitted against immigrants.  PICA’s Dignity For All campaign aims to counter these dividing forces. 


We are in the process of gathering thousands of endorsements from individuals and organizations, throughout our region and the state supporting the Dignity For All statement of principle.  Won’t you join us?



 The complete Dignity for All statement can be downloaded here

For more information please call the PICA office at 207-947-4203 or email us.