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PICA Staff

Ellen Gray, Office Manager

Ellen Gray“You get what you give,” says PICA bookkeeper Ellen, who gives time, love, and candy to PICA. Upon beginning work at PICA, Ellen learned much about community; seeing and loving that “folks are so eager to help and are really invested in PICA as a group” reinforced her belief.

When she is an elder, retired from the bookkeeping life, Ellen may travel about the globe. She does some of this now, when not working, with her best friend in “her convertible with big sunglasses on and [her] purple scarf blowing in the breeze.” And when she is not clad in big sunglasses, she happily spends her time with her siblings, sons, and grandchildren.

Like the beginning of a day, when the world is quiet and new, Ellen approaches life with a sense of hope, as though each day held endless possibilities. It is in this spirit, that Ellen will do the “dance of joy” if one were to join the PICA community.

PICA is a grassroots organization in Bangor, Maine. For nearly 25 years we have been building grassroots community alliances that address global problems of economic justice, human and worker rights. Our work is grounded in careful listening, telling and sharing stories. Our goal is to transform both individuals and institutions.

We have helped make Maine a leader among all states in addressing the effects of the global economy on our own lives.